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Staff training - the wings of business takeoff

Adhering to the development concept of Kraton elite, professional, humane, committed to creating a team consisting of professional talents of high-quality core team. Staff training is one of the most important links to create a high quality staff team, and will also make a great contribution to the development of enterprises and society. ScienTec will house enterprises with external training combination, focus on employee knowledge and skill training and cultivating moral strength two aspects, both enterprise career planning staff, for the company to achieve the strategic objectives of reserve power.
Knowledge skills training
According to the requirements of job responsibilities and work ability, professional knowledge and skills training to provide ScienTec for each employee: ScienTec as a professional cotton products trade service providers, through pre job training and running the training class, to provide cotton cotton "aspects of professional knowledge training for each employee; according to the Kraton work and duties of different positions the requirements, provide the field training opportunities for each employee; Kraton respect employee personal occupation career planning, combine, interest and personal development, provide self promotion and development platform for employees.
Cultivation of moral power
Different from the general staff training, pay more attention to the cultivation of Kraton staff moral quality.
"People can not stand without virtue, without virtue out of fashion." Zonta goodness is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, but also support the development of the enterprise's core strength scientec. Kraton advocates to "social commitment, unremitting self-improvement" is the core of traditional moral values, the moral Everfount input in order to achieve the business target and the national blood.
Kraton shaping and spreading "goodness, wisdom, perseverance and courageous" enterprise culture, through the guidance and influence of corporate culture, encourage employees to actively create good moral atmosphere, pay attention to etiquette and manners; ScienTec training requirements, starting from the individual behavior, small good, into the perfect focus on the strength of the model; Kraton, through "occupation moral Award" and other awards, call to model learning, everyone striving moral model.

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