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talent strategy

Human resource is the fundamental(foundation) and soul of enterprise operation and development. Our company always adheres to the management principle of "people oriented, people foremost”, adheres to the principle of "having both ability and morality, ability to ascend to the moral “to choose and employ persons, insist on individuals and businesses grow up together. Staff manage themselves directed by the enterprise development goals, and implement individual and enterprise common value of ascension.

Since always, Keteng trys to assemble elites, and brings in all kinds of talents. In the family of Keteng, staff have wide development space, excellent personal growth environment, deep enterprise culture and generous welfare benefits. In the family of Keteng, through com
bination of internal talents promotion and external talents import, we are constantly improving the recruitment, selection, use and development of the management system, in order to achieve optimal HR management tenet: the people have the suitable position, and the post has the right people.

Recruitment principle- having both ability and morality, ability to ascend based on morality.

Keteng puts " morality " in the first place, and thinks excellent personal accomplishment and high moral standards are the most important factors in selecting talents. We adhere to the employment orientation of "cultivating one's morality, improving one’s ability with lofty morality , only then achieving sublime of both ability and morality", and insist on the enterprise culture of kindness, wisdom, fortitude, determination and bravery, good for improving talents’ capability, temperament and charisma and selecting talents for the national mission of Keteng.

The principle of talent training - the combination of personal goals and enterprise goals

Employees who have received good training are valuable assets of the company, and are the first elements to support the continuous development of the enterprise and maintain the competitiveness of the industry. Promotion of self, continuous learning and positive progress is the inevitable way for the development of employees. Keteng respect for the development of each employee, encourage employees to rational planning of personal occupation career, they will guide the personal development and enterprise development goals together. Under the support of the comprehensive training and development system, and with the edification and recognition of corporate culture, personal ideals are fully realized, and the goals of enterprises can also be achieved on this basis.

Compensation and welfare strategies - internal fairness, external competition

Salary policy:
(1)Keep the average salary level of market competitive.
(2)Based on the principle of internal competition and fairness, a perfect performance salary scale system is established.
(3)Pay attention to the retention of core talents and business backbone.

Welfare policy

(1) the official staff to pay the social insurance and housing fund; (2) the company concerned about the health of employees, annual medical examination arrangements for staff; (3) to enrich their leisure life, organize a variety of activities; (4) enjoy all legal holidays stipulated by the state; (5) year two time travel, relax and provide opportunities for employees to parents and staff; (6) provide dormitory and the necessary living facilities for staff in the field; (7) to improve staff skills and knowledge, hold various internal and external training activities; (8) providing vehicle service and communication allowance to comply with the conditions the management personnel.

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